An Interview with F Gardner

by Anonymous The clock on my mobile phone read 06:00 exactly; I had been expecting this for over three weeks. Here it was. The voice told me my car would be outside in one hour. I was already dressed and ready to leave. I was collected by an older model Cadillac, the type that was … [DO NOT CLICK]


by Anonymous Let me tell you my dream, the boy said, holding up a finger. I was in my father’s car. I cut myself on the dial of the radio of my father’s car. The knob broke off; my hand broke off. I felt for it in the seats and under them. When I looked … [DO NOT CLICK]


by Anonymous The winds of change roared through the streets of New York like a hurricane. The strong current attacked everything without prejudice. It turned over buildings. It turned over factories, cars, houses, banks, families, and lives. The dust left in its wake settled on ruins. Roland Myers exited his newly bought car and entered … [DO NOT CLICK]

Burger Spunk

by Anonymous Menthol, god I love menthol. It’s better than pussy, it’s better than your parents loving you. I work this shit job flipping shit, serving shit, taking shit, primarily so the menthol cigarette break I take every 2 hours is even better. If I didn’t drop out of college, if I had a respectable … [DO NOT CLICK]


dddddddd12322. Look faggot, I’m more than willing to publish your stupid ARG, but you have to understand that nobody will appreciate it. It’s likely that nobody will even see it. Nobody comes here. He may even be here right now.

Eddie Van Halen

by Anonymous You were the antiquarian of driving a Thunderbird out of a high school parking lot on a crisp Thursday afternoon while your girl hands you your first Miller Lite of the weekend. You were the turbine spinning as people cheer so hard on Daytona’s infield that rolled up Playboys fly out of the … [DO NOT CLICK]

The Photographer

by Anonymous The couple entered my apartment around four in the afternoon. A bit late for my services but this had been a special request. Engagement photos on the soon be groom’s tight work schedule. No other photographer would see them. It was easy money. I used the spare bedroom of my apartment as my … [DO NOT CLICK]

Stealing from Yourself

by Anonymous There might be no greater shame than looking out the window and seeing nothing but empty asphalt that hates you back. Maybe there is retribution in sealing yourself away in this far away world where nothing happens except the dim silver trucks rolling by with their logos of conglomerated companies or the echoes … [DO NOT CLICK]