Eddie Van Halen

by Anonymous You were the antiquarian of driving a Thunderbird out of a high school parking lot on a crisp Thursday afternoon while your girl hands you your first Miller Lite of the weekend. You were the turbine spinning as people cheer so hard on Daytona’s infield that rolled up Playboys fly out of the … [DO NOT CLICK]

The Photographer

by Anonymous The couple entered my apartment around four in the afternoon. A bit late for my services but this had been a special request. Engagement photos on the soon be groom’s tight work schedule. No other photographer would see them. It was easy money. I used the spare bedroom of my apartment as my … [DO NOT CLICK]

Stealing from Yourself

by Anonymous There might be no greater shame than looking out the window and seeing nothing but empty asphalt that hates you back. Maybe there is retribution in sealing yourself away in this far away world where nothing happens except the dim silver trucks rolling by with their logos of conglomerated companies or the echoes … [DO NOT CLICK]


by Anonymous The first drops ricochet against the windowpane. Thick heavy globsof water splash on the pavement. Heavy clouds loom dark now,getting darker as the sun goes down. The rain picks up harder,faster. The bullets sting as they pierce the grass blades below.Puddles form in the dirt; dark reflections of the angry faces lookupward to … [DO NOT CLICK]

Tractate 23

In the Tribune des frozen Devil Nations while memories blood and madness are refused The myth of  the blue-eyed Atlantis was only a fairy tale Dumpster Crack-Cocaine Movie Grounds Media Striptease Succubus Anal Dilation https myself entity soul picture learn hate angel crack The Enteric IT predators of totalitarianism sorcerous communism the geared tech-organic probes … [DO NOT CLICK]

hegel in a stoned brain (just making sure u got it)

In the previous issue of this publication, a short article on Hegel was published. As one critic on this board already noted, there has been a fair amount of  “cock-suckery” related to Hegel recently– perhaps the board has finally begun to reckon with the titan of German Idealism. Although I am happy to see more … [DO NOT CLICK]

An Interview with Disasterpeace

by Anonymous Do it yourself. Championed hard and fast by craftspeople the continents over as the mode—nay, lifestyle—for those who get things done. It is the last heuristic, the rule of all thumbs. It’s the stuff of civilizations. And it applies to everything of course, not just water heaters and alternators. Do it yourself recreation; … [DO NOT CLICK]

Response to Dogemage to Catalonia

You were expecting something worth reading? Alas, another fool fallen into an unseen trap (not gay by the way) I bet you feel “shafted” How funny you must find me, truly Copying your work in an attempt to critique it, truly How large my intellect must seem, truly How foolish it makes you look, truly … [DO NOT CLICK]