This is a list of authors associated with /lit/, or who have otherwise emerged from Anonymous or published and marketed their works on /lit/ or in association with &amp Magazine. The works found below were written, produced, compiled, curated, and published by their respective authors and their teams, and have no direct implicit association with &amp Magazine.


David Herod

Ogden Nesmer

Zulu Alitspa

Adem Luz Rienspects

Robert James Cross

K. R. Hartley

John David Card

Lewis Woolston

L. A. Labuschagne

Frater Asemlen

Jason Bryan

Lucas Bineville


James Krake

Horia Belcea

John Jay Stancliff

Spencer Weedman

Quentin Scobie and Roz Counelis

K. D. Walter

Zac Winters

Nash Knight

Steven Boswell

Charles Dearmore

Martin Porro

Stephen Rush

Kadon Landon Peterson

K. K. Wing

Pseudo Bulkington

Michael Cinder

Andrew Campbell



F. Gardner

R. C. Waldun

Mike Ma