The Misadventures of Killbo Stabbins: Hafling Serial Killer Series III: The Accursed Alliance

Killbo wasted no time making his way to the clown’s lair and promptly explained that the deed was done. “Now it’s time for you to meet you end of the contract,” he said. “What contract?” The clown looked puzzled. “Don’t toy with me, beast.” “I’m being sincere,” the clown said, blinking absently and looking dumbfounded. … [DO NOT CLICK]

The Misadventures of Killbo Stabbins : Halfling Serial Killer  Series I: Contract of the Clownomancer

Tiny hairy feet stalked the night, the footsteps of a miniature beast on the prowl. The dirty alleys of Hobbitville stank of refuse, the spoiled trimmings of pork haunches, half eaten fruits, nibbled fish bones, moldy cheese rinds. Such were the many-faceted remnants of the sundries purloined from the tables of the rich by the … [DO NOT CLICK]