John Quixote

i’m part of an organization that’s lowering the threshold for christ consciouness across the planet. we’re using quantum computing to achieve our goals. i want to make this a series for print.

On the Universal Gravity of Stupidity (*edited*)

Few experiences  are more defeating than when someone stupider   passes judgement on  the wiser but it is the stupid, not the wiser who are heard. After all, the stupid have strength of  numbers and form an unshakable, mighty coalition. They form a council among themselves, a blind, gibbering jury, and preside over the entire … [DO NOT CLICK]


the lack of editing and paragraphing is intentional and so is the elementary level amount of “I”‘s, with this information in mind if it still felt like a bad read don’t bother posting please

My Hometown

My hometown sucks. Forget moving away  and putting it behind me. No. If I could nuke my hometown I would. It’s full of nothing but thieving , meth-addled, mongrelized subhuman man-apes who blast terrible repetitive music in their rattling, rust-fringed shitty cars; it brims with genuine pond scum, missing links, wasted abortion opportunities , genetic … [DO NOT CLICK]

How to Write Books Using Artificial Intelligence

by Anonymous Interested in reconfiguring the simulation meanwhile earning a meaningful and disposable income? Looking to establish independence from the compulsory exactitude of—*Gasp*—society? This article will explain, with commas, step by step, not only how to fish, but how to, by your very own self, teach a man to do much, if not precisely, the … [DO NOT CLICK]


When the cat dies they receive a DVD in the mail containing her memories. The screen shows fish in a bowl, bugs running away, and a young girl practicing a dance in the living room. The speakers play chewing, scratching, scraping of nails on glass, shoes tapping on wood, and a piano and a trumpet … [DO NOT CLICK]