Tractate 23

In the Tribune des frozen Devil Nations

while memories blood and madness are refused

The myth of  the blue-eyed Atlantis was only a fairy tale

Dumpster Crack-Cocaine

Movie Grounds Media Striptease

Succubus Anal Dilation

https myself

entity soul picture

learn hate angel crack

The Enteric IT predators of totalitarianism

sorcerous communism

the geared tech-organic

probes into concrete Thoth

soulless Void, Terra Firma

Saintly reliance in the archontic

substructure of the Devil’s destiny recognition

Vagrant Archimedes

transmission Initiation

‘chain’ the Knowing

Hidden faith and encoded control

unseen visions

The unknowable continues opening

envisaged from ‘transmitter’ erudition

contact recognition hallucination

counter-spiritual situations

God’s frozen mutation spirit

spirit mutation

Earth God’s spirit searching

Enochian traces

Boundless perceivable banality,

bodily in its resistance.

Contention in the space separating bizarre deities 

History left behind at most a folk story

you’ve psyoped you

thats a stretch = holy thought

your radiation is intention

Undertow of Destiny

accepts ‘Rite’ universal

this was of rites

human Existence of creation interpreted