The Photographer

by Anonymous

The couple entered my apartment around four in the afternoon. A bit late for my services but this had been a special request. Engagement photos on the soon be groom’s tight work schedule. No other photographer would see them. It was easy money.

I used the spare bedroom of my apartment as my studio. I had various backdrops and props and a simple white couch. I used the walk in closet to develop the negatives. I had offered them a place of their choosing (woods being quite popular for this sort of thing) but they declined. They sat down on the couch and I got my camera and began to work.

She wore a red dress and black shawl. It matched her red lips and raven hair. It was tousled and curled and fell to her lower back. She deserved a better photographer. I took photos on the couch. Some poses like they were dancing. Photos of his arms around her in a way that said ‘I’ve got you from this moment on, I’m yours’. I took photos of her smiling like she had seen the sunrise for the very first time. I took photos of her kissing him.

The woman bounced with excitement as I removed the film from my camera and pocketed it in my waistcoat. I let them know when they would be ready. The man shook my hand, which I responded to weakly. I thanked them and showed them to the door. As the man disappeared down the hall, the woman turned to me and said, “Thank you Robert. It really was good to see you.” and was gone. I went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of Scotch. As I drank I played with the gold ring I had sitting on the counter.