The Photographer

by Anonymous The couple entered my apartment around four in the afternoon. A bit late for my services but this had been a special request. Engagement photos on the soon be groom’s tight work schedule. No other photographer would see them. It was easy money. I used the spare bedroom of my apartment as my … [DO NOT CLICK]


by Anonymous The first drops ricochet against the windowpane. Thick heavy globsof water splash on the pavement. Heavy clouds loom dark now,getting darker as the sun goes down. The rain picks up harder,faster. The bullets sting as they pierce the grass blades below.Puddles form in the dirt; dark reflections of the angry faces lookupward to … [DO NOT CLICK]

Cynosure Willing

by Edgum Hoex Deny me power, and all is for the flesh: the flesh I hold in subjection, the flesh that may not so much serve but dishonour the love that feeds it. In this place, things are done for love, and no longer in any of their abstract and diverse ways. From the vitals … [DO NOT CLICK]


by Anonymous Kasper came through through the patio door on the ground level apartment. Duffy and his significant other Kate occupied that place for the time being. Month to month was the best they could do on the bi-weekly payments from their deadend jobs. Duffy was alone in the two bedroom apartment when Kasper came … [DO NOT CLICK]

An Unfair Contract

by Anonymous A crimewave floods the city, fills it to the edges. So many, oh so many non-payers these days. The seizure-man, or seizer, as his lot are called, S. Kazinsky could be considered just another hardworking salary man in these dark times. He works for a powerful cryptomagnate called Moroz. Cold as winter night … [DO NOT CLICK]

For They are the Ones Who Do the Research

by Anonymous I was offshore when I realized the industry was beyond any foreseeable recovery. We were part of a workover project in Angola, requiring 12 hour shifts on different offshore production platforms. One slickline crew would replace gas lift valves, while me and my coworkers would log for hydrocarbon saturation. The main offshore platform … [DO NOT CLICK]

The Patterson Footage

by Anonymous The Patterson footage was shot October 20th 1967. It features a large furry animal walking upright through Bluff Creek, near Yakima, Washington. The animal looks like Bigfoot. The men who shot the footage insisted it was Bigfoot, never recanting their story. Predictably, the film has been called a fraud. Numerous experts have assessed … [DO NOT CLICK]

A Town by the Beach; or, Anon-Oedipus

I’ve sat down at a table with my dear friend, he doesn’t have a name. Guy I knew knew a girl who didn’t have a name either, had to pick one. He also knew a lot about this one game, town with no name. He wouldn’t stop talking about how it replicated scenes from a … [DO NOT CLICK]

We’ll Bury the Mare in the Morning

    This prospector’s highway would go nowhere but to that little land beyond which no more highways went and all along the way the winter wagons made their slow wrangle south, snowblind and buried by frozen rain. The median narrowed and the wagons thinned and soon the roads merged and broke into the stones … [DO NOT CLICK]