The Iowa Cock-ass 2016, 2020, and Beyond

by Anonymous (7:01PM 2/5/2016 listening to Type O Negative’s “Bloody Kisses”) On the day of the 2016 Iowa Cockass, I was literally shitting blood. The day before I was driving back from Chicago after seeing Defeated Sanity. On the drive my staying awake food was half a bag of cheese curds and a bag of … [DO NOT CLICK]

Divorcing America from Americana

by Anonymous “America has no culture,” sounds the shrill cry of the modern crypto-Marxists. A boring and low-effort criticism, to be sure, but not one that has yet managed to be totally rejected, debunked, or stomped out. While variations on the same theme have widely been refuted in discussions of ‘White’ culture, ‘European’ culture, and … [DO NOT CLICK]