Eddie Van Halen

by Anonymous You were the antiquarian of driving a Thunderbird out of a high school parking lot on a crisp Thursday afternoon while your girl hands you your first Miller Lite of the weekend. You were the turbine spinning as people cheer so hard on Daytona’s infield that rolled up Playboys fly out of the … [DO NOT CLICK]

Tractate 23

In the Tribune des frozen Devil Nations while memories blood and madness are refused The myth of  the blue-eyed Atlantis was only a fairy tale Dumpster Crack-Cocaine Movie Grounds Media Striptease Succubus Anal Dilation https myself entity soul picture learn hate angel crack The Enteric IT predators of totalitarianism sorcerous communism the geared tech-organic probes … [DO NOT CLICK]

hegel in a stoned brain (just making sure u got it)

In the previous issue of this publication, a short article on Hegel was published. As one critic on this board already noted, there has been a fair amount of  “cock-suckery” related to Hegel recently– perhaps the board has finally begun to reckon with the titan of German Idealism. Although I am happy to see more … [DO NOT CLICK]

Dogemage to Catalonia

You were expecting something worth reading? Alas, another fool fallen into an unseen trap (not gay by the way) I bet you feel “shafted” get it? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha How funny you must find me, truly How large my intellect must seem, truly What a retard … [DO NOT CLICK]

The Decline of the Free Web

As the world moves into an age where the majority of modern culture is shifted by the internet and society moves online to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes a question as to how the internet has changed over time. To me, as a child, the internet felt like an expansive place where everything you’d … [DO NOT CLICK]

Hegel and The Social Contract

by Anonymous The first level of civil society is at the individual level. The second level of civil society is the group made up of the various individual and their interests. Under the first, each pursues its own desire, but for the individual to achieve all his goals must enter in relation to his fellow … [DO NOT CLICK]

Line in the Sand

The man stood on the beach. The beach belonged to him as much as any man could own anything. There he reached out with a stout stick, and drew a line in the sand. “No one will cross this line, this is where I will stand, and none shall be allowed to pass.” He watched … [DO NOT CLICK]


Checkmate “Rook to b4, checkmate,” 0T9 said, his voice a hollow noise. The holographic pieces updated, and the board gave off a chime announcing 0T9 had won. “Well done, master. Do you wish to play another game?” Elliot scowled, but nodded his head, and pressed the reset button. He had never beaten 0T9 at chess … [DO NOT CLICK]


Joseph sighed as he felt his phone vibrate, just as he was setting it down on the restaurant table. With an easy motion he flipped it around, and saw Vanessa had posted a picture, Clicking the notification he glanced at the picture, and liked it. “You know there’s a new app for that,” Tommy said … [DO NOT CLICK]