by Anonymous

The winds of change roared through the streets of New York like a hurricane. The strong current attacked everything without prejudice. It turned over buildings. It turned over factories, cars, houses, banks, families, and lives. The dust left in its wake settled on ruins.

Roland Myers exited his newly bought car and entered his newly financed apartment to his newlywed wife. She stood over the oven wearing a red apron and her strawberry blond hair was pulled back by a matching bandana. As he approached she slipped on a pair of plaid brown oven mitts and removed a fresh pan of chocolate chip cookies. He guessed that she had used the last sugar and chocolate in the neighborhood for them.

She turned to him and jumped in surprise. “Oh Roland,” she said looking down meekly at the tray. “I thought maybe with all this trouble going on you’d like something nice to eat.”

She set the tray down on the kitchen island and began to move the cookies to a plate. Her hands shook and she began to sob heavily. He ran to her and threw his arms around her. He held her tight, two new souls anchored against an invisible storm. He gazed out the window, past the horizon into the setting sun. He shivered with anticipation, for the wind he knew was coming their way.