Hypocrisy and Democracy

by Anonymous Are we still democrats?  Preface   This essay is nothing more than a sledgehammer blowing against the palace of glass  that is democracy, or more specific: people that call themselves democrats (with a  small d). The main goal of this text is to explain the concept democracy – as far as I  can do … [DO NOT CLICK]


by Anonymous The winds of change roared through the streets of New York like a hurricane. The strong current attacked everything without prejudice. It turned over buildings. It turned over factories, cars, houses, banks, families, and lives. The dust left in its wake settled on ruins. Roland Myers exited his newly bought car and entered … [DO NOT CLICK]

The Aporiatic Terza rima of Sosein and Dasein, the emergence-recapitulation of universality cycle, multiplicity of the same repeated through difference as the key to the entirety

by Anonymous Line one Y rhyme 1  Line two H rhyme 2  Line three V rhyme 1 Line four H rhyme 2 Line five Y rhyme 3  Particulars emerge as a multiplicity of universals which then recapitulate their universality, this re-universalization process occurs through a rationalization Division identical to the process by which the Begriff … [DO NOT CLICK]

Burger Spunk

by Anonymous Menthol, god I love menthol. It’s better than pussy, it’s better than your parents loving you. I work this shit job flipping shit, serving shit, taking shit, primarily so the menthol cigarette break I take every 2 hours is even better. If I didn’t drop out of college, if I had a respectable … [DO NOT CLICK]