Tales of The Unreal: Vol. 1 No. 1

by &amp Reviews Unreal Press holds a very special place in my heart. And I consider them to be torchbearers in a very special movement of authorhood and publisherships, founded online and gently settling itself in print. They are representative of what I might call a /lit/ renaissance, a burgeoning goldenage of some very new … [DO NOT CLICK]

On the Universal Gravity of Stupidity (*edited*)

Few experiences  are more defeating than when someone stupider   passes judgement on  the wiser but it is the stupid, not the wiser who are heard. After all, the stupid have strength of  numbers and form an unshakable, mighty coalition. They form a council among themselves, a blind, gibbering jury, and preside over the entire … [DO NOT CLICK]


by Anonymous The winds of change roared through the streets of New York like a hurricane. The strong current attacked everything without prejudice. It turned over buildings. It turned over factories, cars, houses, banks, families, and lives. The dust left in its wake settled on ruins. Roland Myers exited his newly bought car and entered … [DO NOT CLICK]

DFW and the Hard Problem of Writing as Work

by Anonymous There are a lot of reasons to kill yourself. Not least of which is that if one perceived life as  a series of projects, tasks to be completed, the penultimate project would be coming to  terms with one’s death. Not simply mortality, but the precise moment of the end. I know  I can’t … [DO NOT CLICK]

Response to Dogemage to Catalonia

You were expecting something worth reading? Alas, another fool fallen into an unseen trap (not gay by the way) I bet you feel “shafted” How funny you must find me, truly Copying your work in an attempt to critique it, truly How large my intellect must seem, truly How foolish it makes you look, truly … [DO NOT CLICK]

An Unfair Contract

by Anonymous A crimewave floods the city, fills it to the edges. So many, oh so many non-payers these days. The seizure-man, or seizer, as his lot are called, S. Kazinsky could be considered just another hardworking salary man in these dark times. He works for a powerful cryptomagnate called Moroz. Cold as winter night … [DO NOT CLICK]