The Patterson Footage

by Anonymous

The Patterson footage was shot October 20th 1967. It features a large furry animal walking upright through Bluff Creek, near Yakima, Washington. The animal looks like Bigfoot. The men who shot the footage insisted it was Bigfoot, never recanting their story. Predictably, the film has been called a fraud. Numerous experts have assessed the film, yet there is no consensus as to its authenticity. None of that is important. Any polemic bickering amounts to pissing in the wind. What DOES matter is the moment when the animal looks over its shoulder and peers into the camera; a vestige of the unknown stared us directly in the eyes, and impassively looked away. It could have bowed. It could have run. Instead, it calmly dismissed us – as if to say, you don’t exist. For all our high and mighty rhetoric about being number one on planet Earth, the supernatural might as well have spit in our oatmeal.

We collectively sneered. Our egocentric minds recoiled, having been rebuked by an anomaly. The mainstream media rejected the story and it faded into obscurity. In short, we couldn’t handle it. To be on the safe side, we declared it a hoax – another subject undeterminable.

What a blank. That’s the best we can do? How are we going to handle questions like what’s at the Earth’s core? Does the universe end? Is there God? Undeterminable, which just means we don’t know. We won’t believe in something unless the military-industrial complex uses it to kill us. Electricity existed before its “discovery”. It’ll probably go the same way with time-travel and who knows what-else. Rather than declaring anything unorthodox to be witchcraft, we need to trust the unknown… or at least acknowledge it’s potential. Hell you could even call it faith, which to most people means bullshit. Of course faith has its pitfalls. Both faith and reason are inevitably corrupted. The difference is that faith sees the world as something beautiful and temporary; there are powers greater than us, thus favoring reverence. Yes, reason is far more practical; without reason there wouldn’t be umbrellas or computers. However, as a philosophical foundation for society, faith is sustainable. Reason sees the world as something to explain with measurements, such as “How big of a hole will this bomb make”?

But hey, cheer up – once in a while we give mystery its due by being strange ourselves. Look at Stonehenge. It was built to pay homage to death and the moon. That’s neat. Nowadays there are places like The House on the Rock in Wisconsin and The Church of the Sacred Heart in Rome. These places are full of wonders and they leave a person in awe – that’s what we need more of. There is a lack of generation-spanning super weirdness. Instead of reinventing wedding invitations, let’s build some underground labyrinths. How about a city that runs on magnets? It would be great to see geometric shapes make a comeback, like some giant spheres or polygons. It’s as if our concept of creation is a two-bit motel, with carpeted bathrooms and no vacancies. Let’s build a fort instead and invite Bigfoot.

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