Purely Reasonable

by Cyberkant Although it can never be supposed that a mere discussion on this most important and controversial question, all stressed by each side, a question to which practically the salvation of the whole human race depends, a question dear to both the candidates, will help mankind, it cannot however further throw light on the … [DO NOT CLICK]


by Cervillissimo CRANÆSTHETICS (the study of Cranae)By Cervellissimo (PBUH) PARABLES Parable of Something I’d Forgotten: It wasn’t long after I secured myself to a high and rapidly swaying post that the rain began to lather upon my head. I looked out onto the brilliant scene of destruction and wondered how many innocent men’s blood would … [DO NOT CLICK]

Cynosure Willing

by Edgum Hoex Deny me power, and all is for the flesh: the flesh I hold in subjection, the flesh that may not so much serve but dishonour the love that feeds it. In this place, things are done for love, and no longer in any of their abstract and diverse ways. From the vitals … [DO NOT CLICK]


by Villem Bosch Introduction: The thing is, you have a whole range of possibilities. What you don’t have is a list of the most important aspects that you’re aware of, the ones that need to stay away. This is a great lesson to come to an otherwise sober qualification of Bosch’s seminal Bijectivity. I’ll just … [DO NOT CLICK]

You will rue what you have done

by Anonymous I was a 20 year old lad a month ago feeling gloomy from my country’s lock-downs and my idleness. It was in this dampness that I spotted a peculiar post on /lit/ where I drown lost hours by talking about books so i don’t have to read them. It was /lit/’s very own … [DO NOT CLICK]


The vengeful lays the bricks that build the wall of my constructs. The bilingual thickens hides that have yet to see springs. Ares is the eye seeding voice to render mute. Run blades upstream, lingers there a female notion. Oh day-dweller, welcome. Elemental air surrounds this transgression. Robed in temples and holy books, step towards … [DO NOT CLICK]

The Case of Dutch Literature

by Anonymous Preface This essay is written as an observation, diagnoses, lament and eulogy to Dutch literature by a literature enthusiast who is concerned about the (non-existing) influence that Dutch and Flemish writers have on this world. This is merely my point of view and the light that I shine on this subject will probably … [DO NOT CLICK]

‘Covid Blues’ by The Privy Poet

Been down with the Covid Been down fer sev’ral weeks Fer so long I been bedrid And when I breathe . . . I squeak   Corona’s made me sick Lethargy’s got me sicker I decided to take a trip ‘Ile I still got a good ticker And with twenty-twenty hindsight I should’ve reckonsidered   … [DO NOT CLICK]