The Case of Dutch Literature

by Anonymous Preface This essay is written as an observation, diagnoses, lament and eulogy to Dutch literature by a literature enthusiast who is concerned about the (non-existing) influence that Dutch and Flemish writers have on this world. This is merely my point of view and the light that I shine on this subject will probably … [DO NOT CLICK]

On the Unlikely Beauty of Commieblocks

by Anonymous A taste for brutalism is not unusual, nor is the commodified, sugarcoated “depressing” aesthetic so common in recently emerged doomer posers. some soulless utilitarian will praise those buildings as Solution For Homelessness without a hint of satire. but there’s yet another type of liking one can have for the pitiful dwelling boxes – … [DO NOT CLICK]

6 Thoughts

by Anonymous A pill that eliminates the need for sleep – I’m not talking about meth. I’m talking about a pill or a treatment that alters your DNA so that the need for sleep is just eliminated. You might feel a little tired, but then you can sit in a recliner and read a book … [DO NOT CLICK]