i think you’ve got the wrong man

tom corn lived a more peaceful life than tom horn, the meat eater is a evil doer, the green eater is a peaceful wooer. he has his girls and he knows his world, he loves it so that he wouldn’t go to the butchers. the red meat, sitting in his seat, fat feet, sweating without … [DO NOT CLICK]

the great north american pastime

drunk driving my friends car to his house because he’s too drunk to drive home and then my other friends pick me up and drunk drive me back to my car so I can drunk drive home

John Quixote

i’m part of an organization that’s lowering the threshold for christ consciouness across the planet. we’re using quantum computing to achieve our goals. i want to make this a series for print.

Cancelling America; If Abortion is a Human Right, so Too is Suicide

What is the purpose of maintaining the United States of America as they exist now? Are most Americans confident in their country’s potential to fix itself? At times, both halves of America’s culture chasm might seem like a slowly disintegrating family that continues to do it for the children, perhaps a macrocosm for the domestic unit, perhaps a metaphor that highlights a solution.

A Police State Requires Police

You cannot control an entire country and its people with tanks, jets, battleships and drones or any of these things that you believe trumps citizen ownership of firearms. A fighter jet, tank, drone, battleship cannot stand on street corners and enforce no assembly edicts. A fighter jet cannot kick down your door at 3AM and … [DO NOT CLICK]

Two Chords

(I couldn’t find a thread on /lit/ so I hope this description is sufficient) I would like to submit this image for your consideration. I am not a graphic designer, so if someone better than me was able to create this same image but more crisp, then that would be fine. The image is simple: … [DO NOT CLICK]

On the Universal Gravity of Stupidity (*edited*)

Few experiences  are more defeating than when someone stupider   passes judgement on  the wiser but it is the stupid, not the wiser who are heard. After all, the stupid have strength of  numbers and form an unshakable, mighty coalition. They form a council among themselves, a blind, gibbering jury, and preside over the entire … [DO NOT CLICK]

As If I Could Just

An oscillation. An orbit. Something comes to—and then something else. Here I have landed. The brink is as cold in the winter as you might expect, and no less in the light of a good morning’s cold winter shower. Now I remember—I was confounded.    Where have I gone? Had I given myself to somebody … [DO NOT CLICK]