When the cat dies they receive a DVD in the mail containing her memories. The screen shows fish in a bowl, bugs running away, and a young girl practicing a dance in the living room. The speakers play chewing, scratching, scraping of nails on glass, shoes tapping on wood, and a piano and a trumpet … [DO NOT CLICK]

The Harkin Worm

The Harkin Worm By Will Parkinson “Yes and my eternal gratitude—ten thousand thank-you’s, inlaid with gold leaf upon stationary scented with lilac, or perhaps lily-of-the-valley…” This will be my opening statement when I present the culmination of my feverous four years of research to the American Philo-Psychological Society, the boon of my career: The Harkin … [DO NOT CLICK]

area 22

area 22 — “How can you taste anything if you can’t smell?” I was busy in the kitchen making biscuits. “I don’t know, Patrice, you tell me.” She didn’t say. I could see heat waves off the oven. It was 11:32 on a Sunday. Long night last night. Our horrible dog kept running around and … [DO NOT CLICK]

Hypocrisy and Democracy

by Anonymous Are we still democrats?  Preface   This essay is nothing more than a sledgehammer blowing against the palace of glass  that is democracy, or more specific: people that call themselves democrats (with a  small d). The main goal of this text is to explain the concept democracy – as far as I  can do … [DO NOT CLICK]

An Interview with F Gardner

by Anonymous The clock on my mobile phone read 06:00 exactly; I had been expecting this for over three weeks. Here it was. The voice told me my car would be outside in one hour. I was already dressed and ready to leave. I was collected by an older model Cadillac, the type that was … [DO NOT CLICK]


by Anonymous Let me tell you my dream, the boy said, holding up a finger. I was in my father’s car. I cut myself on the dial of the radio of my father’s car. The knob broke off; my hand broke off. I felt for it in the seats and under them. When I looked … [DO NOT CLICK]


by Anonymous The winds of change roared through the streets of New York like a hurricane. The strong current attacked everything without prejudice. It turned over buildings. It turned over factories, cars, houses, banks, families, and lives. The dust left in its wake settled on ruins. Roland Myers exited his newly bought car and entered … [DO NOT CLICK]

The Aporiatic Terza rima of Sosein and Dasein, the emergence-recapitulation of universality cycle, multiplicity of the same repeated through difference as the key to the entirety

by Anonymous Line one Y rhyme 1  Line two H rhyme 2  Line three V rhyme 1 Line four H rhyme 2 Line five Y rhyme 3  Particulars emerge as a multiplicity of universals which then recapitulate their universality, this re-universalization process occurs through a rationalization Division identical to the process by which the Begriff … [DO NOT CLICK]